mandag 18. september 2017

CSI Case Files 237 & 238

This month is all about school and books:-) 
You have until the end of the month to solve both these case files.
Case file no 238 I have solved by using the following evidence: 
text print, googled eyes, coloured pencils and enamel dots. 
The testimony is to document a favourite book or reading.

Case file 237 is solved by using these pieces of evidence: 
triangles, scissors, cactus and school themed stuff.

mandag 21. august 2017

CSI Case File No 236: Ship ahoy

Case file no. 236 is all about pirates, skulls and crossbones! Enjoy yourselves making a scary or a cute pirate layout:-) You have until the end of the month to join this fun challenge!

Here is my layout showing the pirate party my son had on his 7th birthday some years ago.
Evidence to solve this case: flags/banner, wet medium, nautical elements, clouds, sun, birds, (palm) trees, wave shape, triangles and skull and crossbone.

lørdag 5. august 2017

CSI Case File No. 235

CSI has another great sketch and challenge running the whole of August. It´s always fun to look for clues to solve these cases. The evidence on my layout this time is solid white background, flowers, eyeglasses, puffy stickers and wet medium. For testimony I chose the topic girlfriends. 

A couple of years ago I went to Barcelona with six friends of mine. Every second year we travel to a new place together. Up till now we have been to Bergen, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Riga, Rome, Warszawa and Barcelona. These girls are always fun to spend some days with:-)

onsdag 19. juli 2017

Project Life i Norge - utfordring juli 2017

Mitt bidrag til juni/juli-utfordringa i Project Life i Norge. 
Eg vart inspirert av feriekjensla og skiltet, og laga ei oversiktsside frå ferien vår i Amerika.

Fortsatt god sommar:-)

CSI Case File No. 234

This case file suggests to document a summer getaway, and I had plenty of photos from different vacations to choose from. The photo I picked here show the joy of my son on the playground close to a house we rented in Denmark. It was freezing cold outside and very windy the whole time we were there. Still, the kids loved it, and never noticed that we had to buy them warmer clothes.
You can join this challenge up till the 31. of July.

Testimony: Document a summer getaway
Evidence: Triangles, scallops, sun and stamps

CSI Case File No. 233

Due to the holidays, I´m a bit late posting the last two layouts for CSI, but here they are.
Girly colors on this first one, and I chose some photos of my dad and my daughter picking apples in my parents´garden. They were so special to each other. 

Evidence I used: triangles, watercolors, metal string, puffy sticker, leaves and fruit.
Testimony: Document a weekend ritual - visiting grandpa and grandma


fredag 16. juni 2017

CSI Case File No. 232

Dersom du har bilde frå camping eller turar i skog og mark, vil dei passa perfekt til denne utfordringa hos CSI:-) 
Mi side handlar om bursdagsfeiring ute i ein lavvo. Sjølv om det var midt i februar, koste ungane seg utandørs, og jenta mi ville absolutt pynta seg med skjørt, og det utanpå regnbuksa:-)

Photos from camping and field trips are perfect for this CSI challenge. My page tells the story of birthday celebration outdoors by a lavvu. Even though this was in cold February, the kids enjoyed themselves running around playing and exploring the surroundings. My daughter of course wanted to dress up in a skirt (on top of her rain gear;-)

Evidence: wood background/accents, animals, trees and stitching
Testimony: Document something about the outdoors