søndag 15. januar 2017

CSI Case File No. 222: Ice Skating

Evidence to solve the CSI case file this time: chevrons, stars, jewels, decorative border, stamps and people icons

Testimony: Document something about winter

A wintery scene from the ice rink some years ago. We skate so seldom it´s like learning it all over again each time we go. Usually the rink on our island is prepared for the Christmas holidays, and unless it´s raining, we go at least once. We tear the kids (and adults) away from the screens, and although there are protests in the beginning, they (we) are very happy on the ice. Last year we practiced skating backwards, and even remembered how to do it this year. Great fun:-)

4 kommentarer:

  1. This layout is gorgeous Nina. You have inspired me to use more photos on my layout!

  2. Everyone definitely lloks happy in the pictures))
    Beautiful page, I love the laconic look and this cute knitted snowflake.

  3. Love these photos, Nina, and as always, your details are just delightful and perfect!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Your comments are greatly appreciated:-)