lørdag 18. februar 2017

CSI Case File No. 224: Villsauposen

Loved the colors on this case file from CSI:-)
My page tells the story of a baby sleeping bag made of sheepskin from Norwegian wild sheep. It´s really warm og and cosy, and was given to my first child in year 2000 by my parents. Later it was handed down to my second child, then my three nephews and last year my niece. A very useful gift to our children from their grandparents.

Evidence: clouds, die cuts, triangles, people icons, the alphabet as a design element
Testimony: Choose an item in the Scene as a jumping off point

You find CSI challenge blog here.

4 kommentarer:

  1. I love this Nina! Especially the swirly wording!

  2. Funny idea to let the words come from the type writing machine, like it!

  3. Sweetest pictures ever, Nina! Love the sweet little clouds, and how awesome the way those words are floating out of the typewriter!