lørdag 15. april 2017

CSI Case File No. 228

Here comes CSI Case File No. 228. Great palette, and fun to solve.

Did your know CSI was looking for new members for their design team? If you are interested, take a look here. It´s such fun creating layouts based on these exciting case files, and the team members are so talented, creative and supportive.

Here is my take on the second case file of April.

Evidence: chevrons, branches/flowers, silver metal, jars, puffy stickers
Testimony: journal about your husband and inspiration words home and comfort

This page is about the many times our daughter woke up in the evening smelling her dad´s late night cooking. She used to get up, tip-toeing into the living room nicely asking for a bite. She never got a no from my husband. He loved sharing his food with her. Even after bedtime.


5 kommentarer:

  1. Nina, i love this page! So clean and fresh and a cute story to remember too! I don't blame her getting up for a little snack with Daddy!

  2. i love the cartoony feel to this page - so fresh!

  3. Such a sweet photo. Love the little jars and the graphic look of your page.