torsdag 1. mars 2018

CSI Case File No. 249: Write about your name

Første utfordring frå CSI i mars. Eg valte å løysa oppgåva på den tradisjonelle måten, ved hjelp av stikkord og forslag til tema. Det finn du nedst på CSI si side her. Eitt av tema var å skriva om namnet sitt. Eg syntest det passa fint å skriva historia bak sonen vår sitt namn. Det er sjeldan eg skriv direkte på sida, men mange seier det er noko eg kjem til å bli glad for seinare:-)
Det er mange sponsorar denne månaden, og flotte premiar å vinna. I tillegg er utfordringane svært inspirerande:-).


I chose the traditional way of solving this case file, telling the story behind my son´s name. Vetle means "born in winter" or "a cub". In some places in Norway it also means "little". As we wanted to name our son after my father Malvin, we thought it would be nice with a "little Malvin" in the family, in addition to (big) Malvin. Vetle Malvin soon grew up to look alot like his grandfather, and we were pleased by our choice. Now, being almost 2 meters tall, his name is quite ironic, and most people think it´s very funny.
For evidence I used wood, banners, woodland animals, triangles/trees, arrows and twigs.


Mitt DT-bidrag:-)

8 kommentarer:

  1. Nina, you have such a creative scrapbooking style. It's so interesting to see how your mind works. I could not create a layout like that to save my life. I LOVE how you made a circle out of the woodland elements, his early childhood pictures, and finished it with a current picture of him. Genious! The little bear peeking between the trees shows how much you pay attention to even the smallest of details. The little heart hanging from the tree as well. The placement of the journaling within the circle is perfect. GREAT JOB ♥♥♥ TFS.

  2. I love reading your comments, Jacynthe. You see every detail I put into my pages, and realize there is purpose with it. It feels so good when someone notices that. Very often I am inspired by layouts on Pinterest. I am convinced you could make a page like this, too:-)

  3. Love the layout. I love how you have chosen to cut the photos and arrange them. Your banners and other embellishments are great.

  4. Love your layout! So unique and creative :)

  5. This is such a clever and creative layout for telling your story! As always, I just love all the sweet little details, especially that heart hanging from the branch.