søndag 15. april 2018

CSI Case File No. 252

In this challenge I was inspired by the scene; the stripes on the bedspread and the suitcases under the bed that made me think of travelling. From the list of evidence I chose: stripes, dots, circles, washi tape and puffy stickers.

Because I loved the colours so much, I made another page:-). 
From the evidence list I picked circle, clouds and triangles.

Here is a link to the challenge:

6 kommentarer:

  1. Outstanding work on both pages, Nina. At first glance I did not recognize the New York layout as being one of your layouts. It is graphic, busy, and somewhat dingy. Not at all what I've come to know as your style. And then I noticed the little cars and the ambulance on the street in front of the buildings. Little touches, little details you're so good at. I love the strips of paper and checkered piece of wood behind the photo. Love how the title, the yellow cabs, and the tiny letter stickers are placed vertically. So nice. Great job.
    And, there was no doubt the second layout was yours. I love those fun mountains and trees. So cute how it looks like your daughter is climbing one of those mountains. Makes me smile. ♥☺

    1. You are so right:-) The first layout is not my ordinary style. I went to a class to learn to do something different. The teacher chose the papers for us, and made us all go through different steps. Sewing, pasting, painting, drawing with our left hand etc etc. She saw that I was creating a very "nice" page, and made me splatter some paint on it and asked me to think of rough grafitti on New York city walls. Fortunately she had these small city stickers we could use. It was fun! But I am not sure I could create another page this style on my own again.
      Thanks for your comment, Jacynthe. Always a pleasure to read:-)

  2. The top layout has sooo many awesome things going on! The paints, stitching, skyline and the added elements along it makes this so gorgeous!
    The bottom page is really funny and I love all the triangles you got going here!

  3. Love both of these so much, Nina! That first layout is just so cool with the skyline in the background and all that cool texture. As always, so many great, interesting details!

  4. Thanks, Debbi:-) This challenge was fun, and I just loved the colour combo!:-)